I would honestly give anything in the world to go back to my hometown, Bugojno, Bosnia & Hercegovina. I was born & raised here & I miss it so much. Visiting Bosnia last summer made it the best summer ever. I miss being able to go out to the city with friends at 1 in the morning & go shop or go get something to eat. Can’t do that here because you have until a certain time to be out if you’re a minor or else the cops will get you.. smh. I miss going down to the school every day which was the main hang out for all the kids in the neighborhood. Everyone knew each other, it was a small town.  I was both a country & city girl over there. I would wake up to the sound of a cow mooing every  morning & I had to get all my chores done & feed all the animals in the barn before I could hang out. But after that, I got to go to the city everyday & walk around & see beautiful tall buildings, amazing stores & cafes.. I was so happy in Bugojno. & I would visit every family member in Bosnia outside of Bugojno. I would never be stuck in the house, I’d always be doing something no matter what kind of weather it was. Even if it was thunder storming, I wouldn’t be in the house on tumblr/facebook or watching netflix, i’d still be out with friends having fun. I miss all of this. I miss the amazing people, the beautiful city, & all the memories. I hope to visit again this summer, but honestly, if I could, I would NEVER come back. I’d honestly pick Bosnia over America any day <3 That is my home, not America. I need to go back & STAY, for good. love my hometown.

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